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How do Utah companies benefit from working with iRonin?

One North American state with a big potential and one company from Poland with 12+ years of experience. What do these two things have in common? Professionalism, trust, and good instincts when it comes to choosing a business partner. Find out why our USA clients enjoy working with a software house from Poland.

How it all started - a long-term partnership with a recruitment market leader

Our history with Utah-based companies started with Employee Referrals in 2012. They are a global leader and the most trusted online referral platform, with 250,000 users referring job applicants to businesses across various industries. They needed help with web application development and further maintenance for their advanced SaaS product, which we have been providing ever since. Our developers team helps to maintain our client’s product using technologies like: Ruby on Rails, Docker, MySQL, and a few others, to keep the platform going - and growing.

How it developed - supporting Utah’s fintech stars

Further years brought more clients from the state of Utah, this time focused around the financial technology (or fintech) industry. Acima Credit joined the list of clients who trusted iRonin.IT in 2016. We turned their MVP into comprehensive, scalable software, with fast access to leasing and an intuitive lease management system.

Currently Acima is a leader on the financial market. Nine iRonin.IT developers support the project, using Ruby on Rails, Java Script, and Docker, among other technologies. They take care of product development and maintain its stable operation. You can see for yourself how Acima rates working with us on Clutch.

Our another trusted Client from Utah is Bitt, a major innovator on the fintech market. The company uses blockchain technology to provide secure peer-to-peer cashless transactions. They’ve built a safe, usable payments system for multiple user groups, including citizens, merchants and banks.

Since 2018 we help them with their web and mobile application development and deliver software solutions on time while maintaining a high quality of service. Our team of 3 developers with technology experience in iOS, Android, React, Python, and more, is still onboard with Bitt, helping the client with continuous growth.

Why clients like Employee Referrals, Acima, and Bitt trust us

We believe that by choosing to work with us, our clients receive the highest level of service quality and solid business value. Our team is made out of comprehensively experienced developers, relying on mid and senior level individuals. Their knowledge and understanding of technologies, both front end, back end, and full stack, is a very valuable addition to our clients' development teams.

We have been remote-first since the beginning, and we know that in love and in business, distance is not a problem. We can work effectively in other time zones, as you can see from the feedback from our US clients. Thanks to effective communication and the fact that we are a 100% remote company, we have mastered project management and daily updates through online collaboration tools. We perfectly fit into the client's workflow and the client feels that this team from overseas is like his internal one. We managed to fit into the team, culture and build a strong bond.

In addition to developers, we have a CTO who has been working with Ruby on Rails for over 12 years, as well as experienced project managers who watch over the development process, preparing detailed estimates for each implementation.

We are more than happy to help new interesting companies develop their product and solution. All of the companies mentioned above have benefited from the help of our developers, and we pride ourselves on being a software house that understands our clients’ business.

Learn more about our clients from Utah

Employee Referrals

This advanced SaaS solution has already helped offer jobs to more than a million candidates. It integrates multiple third-party platforms, extending their offer to as many job-seekers and recruiters as possible.


Acima’s platform allows employees to easily oversee leasing applications. It stores information on users’ leasing history and payments, and offers fast, flexible credit solutions. Deloitte ranks Acima as 64th in their Technology Fast 500 ranking for North America.


This payments platform allows multiple user groups, including citizens, merchants and banks, get more out of cashless transactions. Their offer for businesses includes mMoney Merchant, which simplifies the sales process, improves customer experience, and ensures secure mobile payments. Bitt also cooperates with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, working to improve people’s lives through technology.

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