Why fintech development is our biggest advantage? And what we can do for your business?

Filip Wachowiak - Customer Success Manager
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Fintech app development is a complex service. It involves projects that depend on top security, reliability and availability. Often, companies are bound by strict regulations and must commit to protecting their users’ assets. Because of all this, specializing as a fintech software development company requires a solid basis of experience, skill and the right company culture. At iRonin.IT, we have just the right mix to make fintech development into our biggest advantage.

What collaboration with an experienced IT partner can do for a fintech businesses

With all the challenges facing fintech companies, it’s crucial that they find the right support during the development and maintenance of their solutions. With the right IT partner, one that has worked on financial or banking apps in the past, you won’t need to worry about major bugs that might jeopardize your business or prevent users from achieving their goals. Your codebase will be secure and easy to expand with new features. With a solid, scalable product, you will gain the ability to meet the market’s needs - and, if needed, to pivot quickly by introducing features targeting new segments.

Overall high performance and speed of a well-built app lead to a more positive user experience. And it doesn’t have to mean equally high infrastructure costs - by choosing the right hosting provider and adjusting your app’s code, you can lower your monthly costs and focus on new investments instead. But to do so, you need a team of fintech software developers with real technical excellence.

iRonin.IT’s experience with fintech application development

Our hands-on experience in long-term outsourcing of fintech projects allows us to provide a major advantage to our clients. We can use our know-how as a fintech development company to support businesses of all sized through deep consulting, as well as development and design services based on experience with real, successful digital finance products. Let’s take a look at three examples from our portfolio:


This consumer lending platform handles 200k requests per month. It’s ranked 64th on Deloitte’s their Technology Fast 500 link for North America. We helped Acima develop their MVP into a fully-featured, scalable app that gives users fast access to leasing and empowers Acima’s employees to easily manage the process. We did so by building new features, introducing zero downtime migrations, and creating a custom solution for verifying tax calculations.


This innovative, membership-based loan platform offers users access to a certain number of on-demand loans per year, with no hidden costs. Our experts improved the main tool used by the client’s team, built new features, and created a slicker interface. We took an R&D approach to this project to answer Creditspring’s specific challenge. We also established a quality assurance process for the app. One of the most exciting jobs in this project was running time-travel testing to see what issues might pop up for users months down the line.


This web and mobile payment system is powered by the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and improves people’s lives in cooperation with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The app provides secure peer-to-peer cashless transactions for multiple users groups, including merchants and banks. iRonin.IT’s team developed a reliable API to communicate with Bitt’s blockchain, developed mobile apps, and added new integrations. We’ve achieved instant transfers and payments, hybrid mobile solutions for both Android and iOS devices, and an overall unified system ready to take the market by storm.

We’re ready for more challenging, innovative fintech projects. By cooperating with us, you gain the following benefits:

  • Access to experts in full-stack development: back-end dev, front-end dev and infrastructure setup,
  • Sustainable development practices, with QA as a part of development process,
  • Scalable engagement as you go - if you need more or fewer developers at any time during development, your team will be adjusted to fit your needs,
  • Versatile cooperation options - you decide if you want to outsource the whole project to us, or if you want our developers to join your team,
  • The best experts in the field - as a part of our recruitment process we carefully vet developers’ skills and ability to deliver high-quality code,
  • You control who joins your team - through direct communication with individual developers, you will be able to compose the right project team for your business and company culture,
  • Transparent legal agreements and the security of working with a European company.

If your fintech business needs an upgrade, let us know. Over the years, we’ve helped many startups and large companies from all over the world. We’d love to help your fintech business, too.

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Filip Wachowiak

Customer Success Manager

Data-driven sales enthusiast. He worked in several startups to finally join and lead iRonin’s 100% remote customer success team. He leads all the business related queries and supports marketing operations. In his free time, Filip actively swims, runs and cycles to prepare for triathlon events.

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