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Why use smart contracts in 2024


Looking to simplify your processes? Blockchain technology used by our experts  allows two parties at different locations to sign a binding contract, saving them time and money. These agreements can be anonymous.


Worried about the time-frame of your project? Smart contracts are self-executed and our experts will write the terms of an agreement into the code, securely stored within its blockchain network.


Concerned about safety? Our experts will make sure that approved conditions stored in a blockchain are always backed up, eliminating the risk of fraud or of losing a contract.

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Paweł Dąbrowski

CTO @ iRonin.IT

Cryptocurrency transactions are powered by smart contract technology, allowing one party to securely send cryptocurrency to another person. In other words, smart contracts came first. They are a quickly growing technology, popular among modern businesses.

Where you can use smart contracts

Trading platforms

Middlemen can prevent transactional fluidity and timeliness. Smart contracts remove those obstacles, allowing for seamless, easy and cheaper financial processing.

Supply chain automation process

Smart contracts bring true potential to supply chain automation. They provide transparency and real-time tracking of inventory with IoT devices.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Cryptocurrency transactions are contracts, with parties agreeing to exchange currency. Smart contracts are what makes Bitcoin transactions binding.

Government services

Smart contracts are implemented by some government service departments. A city in Switzerland uses a citizenship verification system executed through the Ethereum blockchain.

and many more!

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Meet our Blockchain and smart contracts experts

Our team has hands-on experience of working with blockchain and smart contracts. Find out more about blockchain in our article, “Ethereum for Smart Contracts”, and check out our blog post on Bitcoin.

Security is the key

In Blockchain, security, privacy, and digital identity are crucial. We make sure our clients and their projects benefit from top security practices.

Developing new possibilities

At iRonin.IT, we use the broad range of possibilities offered by blockchain technology to create innovative solutions, tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Paweł Dąbrowski

Chief Technology Officer

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