Extend your software team or outsource your project

Team augmentation

Invite experienced professionals into your workflow. Work with dedicated developers to empower your business, speed up development and overcome technology challenges.

Custom software development

Access years of market experience and technology know-how for web or mobile product when you work with our IT experts. From 0 to 1, we're ready to bring your idea to life.

Software development services and technologies

Ruby on Rails excellence

Get a bug-free application and rely on it being the most cost-effective solution. Thanks to 20+ years of iRonin’s experience with Rails development, we have built a team of experienced engineers. We bring top quality code with us and save thousands of dollars for your project!

Paweł Dąbrowski

CTO & Rails team leader @ iRonin.IT

Python mastery

Whether augmenting the client’s team or building a Python app from scratch, our developers can take on any project. 75% of our team are senior level with experience in improving existing codebase and writing top-notch quality code.

Konrad Musiał

Senior Python Developer @ iRonin.IT

Go specialists

Experienced iRonin experts recommend GO to clients who need a practical development language with a focus on concurrency and scale. It’s a highly performant technology with a philosophy that allows for a fast, lean approach with little redundancy. Our developers can improve project efficiency, reliability and scalability delivering top quality GO code.

Robert Pilip

Senior GO developer @ iRonin.IT

Node.js devs

Cross-platform runtime environment, built on, high-performance open-source JavaScript engine. Node.js ensures outstanding performance, applying event-driven and non-blocking I/O paradigms. Best in building fast, scalable network applications for our clients.

Marcin Niezborała

Node.js developer @ iRonin.IT

Java experts

The number 2 programming language in the world according to IEEE, the Swiss Army knife of software, from embedded microchips to world scale solutions. iRonin’s top Java experts have experience in many industries and projects and can create highly efficient and scalable applications that will ensure your business grows.

Damian Stasik

Senior Java Developer @ iRonin.IT

Services for all industries and multitude of technologies


A mature web app development framework offering rapid development with great support, used often by iRonin experts for:

  • MVP development for startups
  • Building secure web FinTech apps


We recommend Python for writing web apps with extensive AI features and data analytics.

Recommended for:

  • FinTech analytics
  • AI algorithms for PropTech


GO is an open source programming language designed by Google engineers. GO is fast, secure, and  very powerful, best for:

  • Payments processing for FinTech applications
  • Data processing for MedTech applications


This JavaScript runtime is best used to create small, reliable and fast backend services. Since the language is the same as what is mostly used for frontend development it's relatively easy to use for a Fullstack deployment. Recommended for:

  • Backend technology for SaaS applications
  • Microservices for payments processing


Especially recommended for long lasting projects that need the reliability of a mature platform and scalability of the cloud. Ideal for:

  • Cloud based complex solutions
  • Prototyping at scale


JavaScript + API + Markup  (“JAMStack”) uses serverless technology and modern headless content management systems to deliver impressive scalability without increasing complexity.

Recommended for:

  • Landing pages, PoCt applications, and experiments with the features
  • High traffic, scalable, cost-effective web applications




React Native



















Amazon Web Services














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Top quality in every aspect of software services

UX/UI Services

UX/UI designers for your project

User-friendliness and a positive user experience within the app is important for your success. Whether you need professional UI mockups to get your project started or UX designers as a part of your team - we can help you achieve great results and make your app shine!

UX/UI workshops to kickstart

Start your product development right - take part in a workshop conducted by a UX/UI designer to discover more about your users, their needs and how your solution should deliver. Explore your priorities and learn what ideas are important to your success on the market.

Quality Assurance

Software Development Engineer in Test for your project

Dedicated Software Development Engineers in Test to save you time and money. QA engineers are not biased by codebase and can more easily find issues than developers to make sure that software meets its specification and business needs.

QA practices in the workflow

QA engineers are present in all stages of the development process. They check requirements for potential issues and improvements, test changes made by developers, ensure that changes do not break applications, and reproduce issues for developers.

Project Management

Project manager on board

Be sure to get issues resolved effectively & keep your project on track with our project manager’s support. We update our clients frequently on the project progress and make sure that it still aligns with changing expectations & initiatives.

Agile or Waterfall

Enjoy the flexibility of using either the Lean/Agile or Waterfall methodology. We recommended Waterfall for projects with lengthy, detailed plans that require a single timeline. Agile is best for MVPs and projects where flexible responses to change are especially important.

Fast & Efficient recruitment and team building

Rapid recruitment and team extension

Get the best candidates quickly as searching for the right developers is our strength. Our exceptional candidates are selected on the basis of a detailed 30-question brief about a client & their project - and how well they meet your specific requirements.

Vetting and candidate selection

Selected candidates go through technical interviews, so you get to know the strengths and experience of the developers in detail before hiring them. Our proprietary recruitment process allows us to provide the most appropriate candidates - every time.


Our experts use industry best practices and leverage company-wide know-how to add business value through readable, scalable and highly efficient code.

Kamil Szubrycht

Rails development expert

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