IT Polyglots and problem solvers

Meet the samurai of the digital age

Since 2011 iRonin has been providing high-quality business oriented IT services such as web and mobile applications development, DevOps services, e-commerce and big data consulting. We deliver IT outsourcing services to small, medium businesses and enterprises around the world. Our organization has been designed for remote cooperation from the very first day. We are a group of passionate experts, who aim to become unequalled in their craftsmanship.

We are iRonins - IT Samurai

A rōnin (浪人) was a term describing a samurai without a master. A samurai was a skilled warrior, focused on perfecting his craft, dedicated to his cause; a ronin was a samurai for hire. We adopted this idea and implemented it for the IT industry.

First you must have a purpose
Then you must know what that purpose requires to be achieved
Then you must decide that you intend to achieve it
Then you set about achieving it
And in the process you will become focussed
And then you will be able to apply that focussing to anything

It has been called The Way of the Samurai

Our purpose has been to deliver high-quality, tailored and frictionless IT development and outsourcing services. We know what is required to achieve this goal - transparency, great communication and focus on our clients’ needs and objectives. Our values are based on providing business-oriented solutions via skillful teams of talented developers. We respect time and budget limitations of our clients. We are able to leverage our know-how to create turn-key projects from scratch or co-operate with client’s product developers and jump-in to help on already started task. We put great attention to scalability and high availability of our clients' products.

Our team

We have an outstanding team of more than two dozen programmers, who are passionate about the technologies they work with and care deeply about code quality and successful project delivery. We rely on agile approach in project management and software development. We adjust our tools and methodologies to each project’s requirements. We help our clients to bring their ideas to life starting with Minimum Viable Product through to the final production release in an agile way. We rely on constant feedback to improve the projects along the way. Clients’ needs drive us forward and we stay flexible in order to provide best value solutions. We are eager to work with cutting-edge solutions - we enjoy testing new technologies and assessing how they can bring value to the projects. At iRonin we emphasise work-life balance and thus we are a bunch of satisfied IT experts, both personally and professionally.

We are iRonin team

Technologies we use

We are IT polyglots who strive to master various agile IT technologies. Historically we have been using Ruby as the main programming language, right after JavaScript and Node.js. Elixir has been on our radar recently too. Our favourite framework for web applications development is Ruby on Rails. We do both native and hybrid mobile development for iOS and Android systems. We mostly rely on Ember, React and Vue.js front-end libraries, especially when it comes to Single Page Applications. In project management we use agile tools like Trello, Jira or PivotalTracker. Software development methodologies of our choosing are variations of Scrum and Kanban.