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Comprehensive payment system and mobile apps powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology.






Web and mobile app development


2018 - ongoing

About Bitt project

Bitt is a fintech market innovator. The company uses blockchain technology to provide secure peer-to-peer cashless transactions. They’ve built a safe, usable payments system for multiple user groups, including citizens, merchants and banks.

Delivered solution

As Bitt’s technology partner, iRonin.IT delivered software solutions on time while maintaining a high quality of service. We updated their central data storage systems to achieve ISO:27000 compliance, migrated to an Elixir codebase to increase operational scalability and delivered mobile apps for payments and PoS use cases. Our developers continue to cooperate closely with Bitt’s internal team, sharing skills, improving work efficiency and extending their products and services.

Goals and results

Developing an API to work with blockchain

We worked on an API to send data to the blockchain and built secure cryptocurrency payments and features for transfers, accessing transaction histories and registering users.

Developing mobile apps

The app simplifies sales processes, improves customers’ experience and provides secure mobile payments.

Adding new integrations and debugging

One of our tasks was to integrate the application with Google PubSub – an asynchronous messaging system with message storage, real-time delivery, and more – to communicate with other system modules.

Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating


Web and mobile app development for blockchain-based solution

A reliable and high performing tech stack for the cutting-edge outcome, utilizing efficient and effective architecture.

  • Elixir

  • Go

  • PostgreSQL

  • Kubernetes

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Python

  • React

  • React Native

  • GCP

  • Kotlin

  • Swift


Reliable API for blockchain

Our team built Bitt’s blockchain solutions to run smoothly, using sustained communication with the web API. Thanks to that, cryptocurrency transfers and payments made through the app are instant.

Android and iOS apps

Our team has developed hybrid mobile applications working on both Android and iOS devices. mMoney wallet app allows you to make payments via your mobile phone and mMoney Merchant is a point of sale app.

A unified system

By rewriting modules of the web app from GO to Elixir, we provided a unified, flawless and scalable system for our client. Crucial parts of the system were already written in Elixir, making it an obvious choice for further development.

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