Employee referrals management system
Development and ongoing maintenance of an advanced SaaS product.
HR & Recruitment
Web app development, DevOps
2012 - ongoing
About EmployeeReferrals project
EmployeeReferrals revolutionizes recruitment, improves HR processes, and helps with referral management. The company is a global leader and the most trusted online referral platform, with 250,000 users referring candidates to businesses across industries.
Delivered solution
Over a million candidates have been offered jobs through EmployeeReferrals. To achieve this, our dedicated team needed to manage numerous integrations simultaneously, deliver a seamless experience, structure a scalable core platform, and maintain it.

Goals and challenges

Handling multiple integrations simultaneously
The project’s main goal was to build a system able to handle multiple third party software integrations at the same time. We had to approach each integrated app individually. Synchronization of all requests has been optimized to boost performance even with multiple integrations running simultaneously.
Building the core of the business
iRonin.IT’s developers worked on the core of EmployeeReferrals’ business and their most important processes. To allow for new integrations with widely-used recruitment software products, the platform has to scale well, make specific fixes easy to introduce, and allow for highly efficient implementation.
Enhancing and maintaining a complex platform
We had to deliver solutions that would enhance the platform’s existing features while providing ongoing maintenance for EmployeeReferrals. Our team adds custom functionalities as needed, and works on improving the platform’s architecture to maintain its competitive edge as new technologies emerge.


  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • Sidekiq
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • RSpec
  • Capybara
  • React
  • SOLR
  • Elastic Search
  • AWS OpsWorks / S3
  • Docker


Improved test coverage
Test coverage for the platform and its new features as they are introduced is crucial for ensuring overall software reliability. Thanks to good Quality Assurance practices, we avoided issues during deployment.
Synchronized processes
All requests for integrated third party software are handled seamlessly thanks to an appropriate integration setup. They can be managed simultaneously thanks to well-designed system architecture.
Introduced best code practices
iRonin.IT’s team introduced top industry coding practices to improve code quality, reliability, efficiency and security, and make the codebase easy to understand. Each team member follows these guidelines.
Eric Shelly

We’ve seen our turn rate go down significantly, decreasing at least by half since we’ve had iRonin stabilize our system in all the odds and ends that we need. With a lot of other contractors and agencies that we have worked with, few do test-driven development or release code with tests. iRonin.IT consistently releases tests to ensure everything is good quality.

Eric Shelley, Co-founder @ EmployeeReferrals

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