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Why might iRonin be a missing piece in your Nordic company?

Angelika Wasilewska-Business Development Specialist

Did you hear that people living in Nordic countries are called the happiest residents all over the world? They are not only the happiest nation, but also one of the world's economic leaders. The secret of the success and happiness of the Scandinavian countries lies in the broadly understood balance - in private and professional life. But what does a software house from Poland have in common with Nordic?

iRonin IT experts can be the missing (technological) element necessary for the proper functioning of Scandinavian companies and projects development. Why? Read and find out!

The secret of Nordic happiness

For several years Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, are in the TOP 10 happiest countries in the world due to the World Happiness Report1. Balance between family and professional life, as well as the ability to combine work with other spheres of life, make Scandinavia the happiest place on earth. Moreover, as regards to the Human Development Index from 20182, Norway is ranked 1st and Sweden - 8th place.

This secret is the fact that Scandinavian countries have incredibly high quality of work life and strongly developed social life. The most common factors which largely contribute to such a high score is paying very much attention to proper hygiene at work, regular meals, breaks and flexible work hours.

Happiness for Scandinavian people is synonymous with achieving a harmonious and fulfilling life in all areas of functioning. In the work-life balance method a point of view is that somebody pursues himself not only at work, but also thanks to a successful private life. It prevents burnout, depression, general dissatisfaction, neurosis and other ailments that are dangerous for people.

iRonin way of work life balance

A work – life balance method is used more and more often in public discussion and within the European Union, where the reconciliation of work and personal life is one of a new policy priority. Despite the fact that Work-life balance is (unfortunately) not very common in Poland, iRonin has been practicing this management form from the very beginning (till now it’s more than 11 years).

The Main 3 rules in iRonin Software House are:

1. 100% remote work with flexible work arrangements in terms of working hours;

2. Workplace flexibility- in iRonin it is pretty common to work whenever employees want to;

3. Soft management style- in our company (alike in Scandinavian countries) dominates this kind of management.

It is associated with a flat hierarchy = everyone is treated with the same respect and we believe that high work efficiency is achieved due to building relationships based on emotional employee commitment. What's more, in both- Scandinavian and iRonin, a big impact is put into trusting the employee and caring for the well-being of employees. You can take a look here how iRonin team spends their free time together, eg. celebrate integration, discovering Poland's landscape and more!

But overall happiness is just one piece of the puzzle. Let’s talk about economies

The Polish Economic Institute prepared a ranking of the most developed economies in the world. Sweden, Denmark and Norway proved to be the world’s most expanded economies in this ranking.

What more, the Nordic countries are considered as digital leaders in European and global contexts. In the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index, Denmark, Sweden and Finland are on top the list in terms in both- overall global and individual indicators.

Above ranking is based on five aspects:

1) connectivity (fixed and mobile broadband);
2) human capital (digital skills);
3) use of the Internet;
4) integration of digital technology (e-commerce);
5) digital public services;

The Polish economy is not lagging behind

Since 2018, Poland is in the 25 most developed economies in the world. What's more, our country is a precursor in Central and Eastern Europe.

Moreover, In the light of the HackerRank of 2019, Polish developers are among the top three in the world.

Considering the great development opportunities for Poland, the above factors combine very well with values that iRonin has been building from the very beginning: continuous development and delivering value to clients by providing them with access to the best IT experts.

We are ready to deliver projects to various markets and industries. We are not afraid to explore new technologies and face challenges. iRonin experts provide the highest quality code, services and expertise, with 75% of senior level developers on board.

Scandinavian culture is very similar to the culture of our company. Both in the style of management and striving for continuous development. As in the Nordic countries, we focus on training and employee development because we believe most in human capital. Moreover, the dynamic development of the Polish economy makes our countries good partners in the business field.

Thanks to these factors we are prepared to give to our clients the best value in every aspect of project delivery. With wide expertise, top developers and willingness of continuous development, we are ready to boost our clients projects!

Why iRonin is there a missing puzzle in your company?

In combination with respect to work life balance and taking care of employees mental health, 100% remote work, trust in employees and supporting them in their daily tasks, iRonin is able to provide great results and continuous improvement of client’s projects.

Thanks to a well-prepared and trusted IT partner - which our company undoubtedly is.

Nordic companies which will decide to cooperate with us, would not need to worry about project management and technical issues that might disrupt the operation of the project, which may result in its prolongation or interruption for many months.

What are iRonin’s key advantages?

Experience & knowledge

Our 100% remote software house has solid background in working in many industries: FinTech, MarTech, EdTech, Real Estate Blockchain and more, gained while developing 30+ projects during 11+ years for clients from all over the world.

Remote from day one

iRonin team members work remotely in environments that allow them to develop themselves and reach their full potential and help our clients business grow.

Staff augmentation tailored to your needs

We pay a lot of attention to hiring the best IT experts for our iRonin team. As a result, the iRonin team consists of real talents in various technologies. Years of experience have allowed us to develop a solid and recognizable brand, which attracts the best developers to join our team.

Thanks to this, our clients can have access to a wide pool of talented developers.

A trustworthy partner

As a client-centric software house, we listen to our client's needs and strive to understand their challenges. We always work out the best solutions with our clients and help them achieve their goals. You can check out our Clutch profile to read some clients' reviews.

But, the truth is that actions speak louder than words!

We are currently working with a Scandinavian company located in Oslo. It is one of the leading proptech companies in Europe that offers data-driven, AI-powered and automated digital marketing.

The main area of activity for this client is the real estate marketing and sales platform. The idea of the platform is maximum results with a minimum manual input.

In this particular case, we help our client to dynamically deliver high-quality code, delivered by 15 developers (especially RoR and React) who provide automated services and one-click marketing tools.

If you would like to see some results of our daily work, you can find more examples of our US, Utah clients in Michal’s article .

Ready to get started on building the development strategy for your software product?

As you can see, custom software development & team augmentation are a piece of cake for us!

If you would like to catch a meeting, so we could better understand your expectations, technology stack and more, feel free to reach us out!

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