Why are our customers with us for 5+ years and even COVID-19 didn’t change that?

Bartłomiej Zaczkowski - Head of Business Development
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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on many industries, and pushed some into overdrive as they struggle to adapt to their new digital reality. For some software development companies, this has meant projects being shuffled around, shelved or even abandoned, as their clients’ priorities shift. And yet, iRonin.IT’s clients continue to enjoy cooperating with us. We want to share why we think a long-term partnership is the best option for many businesses - including yours.

The hidden value of deep teamwork

Software development isn’t just about finding the best technology stack and developing your app based on business needs or users expectations. Those are very important steps towards product success, but before they can occur, you need to build a dedicated development team - which isn’t easy. Your team members need to understand your business domain and the specific needs of your market.

The extra effort is worth it. A dedicated, reliable, cohesive team can be much more valuable in the long run than a somewhat accidental group of people, gathered for a specific project. This is why iRonin.IT’s clients cooperate with us for 5+ years - because the added value our team introduces is good for their business.

Why we value long-term collaboration, and our clients do too

Many of our clients come to us with a specific project and, after its success, decide to cooperate with us for years. We believe that this sort of approach benefits both sides - that is, the client and the development team. Consider the following:

  • Long-term cooperation means that the dedicated remote team has plenty of time to learn about and understand the client’s business, market, users, and processes.
  • Deep understanding allows for very effective problem-solving. We are able to choose the right technologies and solutions because we know what kind of impact each decision will have.
  • As an external partner, we have many opportunities to learn outside of a specific client’s domain. We bring that experience and know-how into each client’s project, sharing the knowledge.
  • As a team, we get to focus on our efficiency as a service provider and on the quality of that service (rather than on the specific business challenges of the client, which often aren’t directly related to development work). As a result, we can get very good at what we do, and continue learning as the world of IT changes over time.
  • Thanks to software development outsourcing, the client doesn’t need to worry about the formal and logistical aspects of employing a development team, while we get to maintain our preferred company culture and work with the tools we like best.
  • The client can choose what kind of engagement he needs from us (from a full team to a single expert), depending on the stage of development or their budget. This gives them a lot of flexibility and the ability to remain agile.

These are only some of the reasons why our clients don’t replace us with their own, internal teams. For a better idea of how such a long-term cooperation can work, let’s take a look at two specific cases.

Creating a revolutionary candidate management system - EmployeeReferrals

The client is a global industry leader and the most trusted online referral platform, with 250,000 users referring candidates and making the process of recruitment much smoother. EmployeeReferrals needed the best remote developers available to help them with a complex system of integrations with external HR platforms, improving their core processes, as well as scaling and maintaining the entire platform.

We worked hard, boosting the project’s test coverage, synchronizing internal and external processes, and introducing best software development practices to improve overall code quality. Based on the client’s Clutch review, we met their expectations. Now, we continue adding custom features as needed and improving the platform’s architecture to maintain its competitive edge. The results speak for themselves: over 1,000,000 candidates have been offered jobs through EmployeeReferrals.

Building an online education platform - Woospeak

This ERP-powered e-learning platform offers a suite of features for teachers and learners interested in online lessons, including automated workflows, scheduling, reports and invoicing modules. Woospeak wanted to improve the UI designs of their app, introduce new features to empower their sales team, add responsive web design, and much more. They were also interested in ongoing support to help them adjust to their platform’s rapid growth.

We have been cooperating since 2015, improving the user experience delivered by the app, making it mobile friendly, attracting users with better functionality, and supporting the client’s business through better SEO. The client appreciated our ability to work under pressure and react quickly to their needs - at least according to their 5.0/5.0 Clutch review.


Good teamwork and effective collaboration have a significant impact on the success of any project. The support of a reliable, dedicated team can bring more value to a software project than many people think. Experienced, high-velocity teams of experts offer the hidden value of deep know-how, good processes, top communication skills, and more.

If you need top web app developers to help you build, scale or maintain your platform, we can help. iRonin.IT’s experts will be happy to support your project - now and in the long term.

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Bartłomiej Zaczkowski

Head of Business Development

Passionate about technology and innovations. He is a data-driven and insightful business developer who searches for meaning, areas to improve/optimize in everything he does. Constant learner and pondering analyst. Believes that people, culture, and knowing your own 'why' are the most important things in business and life. The self-organization and discipline are his superpowers.

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