ERP-powered online education platform

Maintenance and building new features for an e-learning platform.




Education / E-learning


Web app development, Product redesign


2015 - ongoing

About Woospeak project

Woospeak is a global training centre and ERP system that helps teachers & learners schedule and run online lessons. The app provides automated workflows, scheduling, reports and invoicing modules, all pivotal for the success of an online business.

Delivered solution

Although development is ongoing, the major milestones have already been reached. The app has been redesigned with the addition of new features, ensuring a much better user experience. We also made it more responsive and mobile friendly, so it is more attractive to users in general. Needless to say, this supports sales and SEO & marketing efforts.

Goals and results

ERP system enhancement

We improved UI designs and developed the web application. Key new features needed to be built from scratch to empower sales and introduce smoother in-app communication.

User experience and usability improvements

We introduced responsive web design, including new dashboards, views for showcasing complex data, a catalogue for external resources, and reports.

Ongoing platform maintenance

With a large number of clients and end users, stability and continuity of service are crucial for the platform, which should be accessible to users at all times, without any issues.

Clutch review
Clutch review
Clutch review


A user-friendly, ERP-powered online education platform

Development of responsive, user-friendly UI and smarter in-app communication based on a  well-rounded and stable stack.

  • Ruby

  • Rails

  • PostgreSQL

  • Metabase

  • Redis

  • Sidekiq

  • JavaScript


Upgraded app performance

The general app performance has improved and Woospeak’s sales have increased. We achieved this by regularly updating the app’s frameworks & libraries. We have recognized the client’s rapid growth and chosen the best method to support it.

Improved site structure and SEO

The site performance has improved, as has user-friendliness when navigating it, as our team improved the SEO strategy. We restructured the web app and developed new pages to enhance linking and keyword density. We also made sure that each language version is correct and matched with proper local keywords.

Refined user experience

The overall user experience has been enhanced as a result of a general redesign, inclusive of RWD (Responsive Web Design) The project included easier access to documents, improved interactions with data, a more usable student dashboard and calendar, a new e-learning center with easy navigation, and much more.

iRonin’s remote IT experts offer a high quality development - they go an extra mile to understand our needs before coding. Developers’ flexibility allows us to work without any major obstacles and delays in the delivery process. iRonin’s experts have the maturity and professional experience required in this project. They're able to work under pressure and always react quickly.

Mikael Misard

CEO @ Woospeak

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