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Real Estate


Web app development


2018 - 2020

About the Uplisting project

Uplisting offers a solution for managing properties across booking sites, including Airbnb, HomeAway, and other services belonging to the Expedia Group. Updates to property profiles are visible on all platforms, while the multi-calendar helps keep track of bookings made on each.

Delivered solution

iRonin.IT’s team added new features, improved existing ones, and built integrations from scratch. We enhanced the platform’s payment security and worked on productivity features, such as the multi-calendar view and automated staff notifications.

Goals and results

Integrations with well-known booking systems

We developed crucial features for integrations with Airbnb and The project needs ongoing support, new features and additional integrations to adapt to changes on the market.

Property protection

Instead of offering just a basic verification process, Uplisting introduced security deposits, to make sure the cards would be confirmed as valid, with enough funds to cover their stay.

A single calendar display for all bookings

The multi-calendar view displays bookings from various systems, making it easy for housekeepers to plan their work. We also added a changeover status to properties and new task notifications.

Overall Clutch Schedule rating
Overall Clutch Schedule rating
Overall Clutch Schedule rating


Integrated and productive solution using automation

A reliable and secure tech stack utilizing efficient and effective architecture.

  • Ruby

  • Hanami

  • Ember

  • Sidekiq

  • PostgreSQL

  • Redis

  • Heroku


Integrations built from scratch

iRonin.IT’s experts built the integration with HomeAway (one of the most popular vacation rental sites in the United States) from scratch. It was delivered successfully early in the project.

Security deposits for property lending

To help property managers feel safe while delivering a seamless experience to guests, we introduced automated security deposit collection. There is no longer any need to process payments manually.

Automated booking management

The multi-calendar view has helped property managers in many ways. The ability to assign status labels to housekeeping team’s tasks and send changeover notifications greatly improves productivity.

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