Is it possible to find a perfect-fit developer within one week?

Monika Szutko - Partnerships Manager

As the year 2020 has clearly shown us, life sometimes does not go according to plan. For IT projects, one of the worst possible curveballs can be a tight deadline. Maybe your technology partner turned out not to be the right fit a day before development was supposed to begin. Or maybe you need to quickly adapt your business to the reality of COVID-19. Whatever the case, we’d like to reassure you - it is possible to find the right tech team for you project and get to work in as little time as a week. Find out how.

Choosing the perfect developer for your situation, especially on short notice, is usually best achieved by using software development outsourcing. Because of the simplified formalities and solid recruitment know-how that most software outsourcing companies possess, truly rapid talent acquisition becomes possible. With the help of the right technology partner, finding well-suited developers to join your project can be a matter of only a week.

Here at iRonin.IT, we have built an extensive database of vetted IT experts. We use a tried and true process for verifying project fit of outsourced developers. Let’s take a closer look at the criteria we consider.

How to pick the best software development experts for your project

The first (and perhaps most obvious) thing to establish is whether the candidate has an appropriate level of knowledge and skill in the technologies being used for the project. While this usually means making sure the developer in question is experienced enough with a given solution, sometimes hiring a senior-level expert for a junior-level job can lead to trouble, too (such as a lack of motivation for the employee, or a higher cost for the company). Outsourcing companies often have established assessment procedures for getting this part right.

Your new team member also needs to be able to work with standards employed in the project. Some things can be learned on the job, but for the most part, you want your developers ready to go from day one - especially on a tight deadline.

Another important aspect is code quality and development velocity. Simply put, you want your new team member to deliver good, usable code, and to do so in a timely manner. While this may seem like a simple criterion, it’s not all that easy to assess based on a job interview, even one with a practical test. At iRonin.IT, we use various techniques, such as:

  • Analysing client needs with focus on required developer seniority level, technical experience, project length and starting date;
  • Strict vetting of each candidate’s skills and knowledge, through technical tasks, interviews with our experts and pair programming.

We also pay attention to soft skills and predispositions, such as good communication etiquette, engagement, drive, and a level of comfort with remote work that will allow them to remain efficient.

Soft skills are just as important as technical skills, especially when the candidate won’t have much time to integrate with the team. They need to be able to understand and comply with the team’s development process, which includes the project management process, as well as team communication and “ceremonies” (daily stand-ups, etc.). This can depend on company culture, team members’ personalities, and their habits. Neglecting this aspect of a candidate’s fit can lead to friction within the team and, ultimately, to missed deadlines.

Finally, it’s good if the new team member has experience working in your industry. While this is not a requirement, it can be an important advantage for your team. Industry know-how means better communication with stakeholders, and a better understanding of your business needs (including the technical perspective). At iRonin.IT, we always talk to our developers about their previous projects and experience, and work to achieve the best fit for clients’ projects.

Case study: webinar and e-learning streaming platform

Here’s an example of a project on a tight deadline, in which we chose a perfect developer with a proper skillset within a week. One of our clients offers a platform with advanced live streaming interfaces for online educators. They needed an experienced Django developer to join their team during a period that was critical for the project’s success.

Only a month later, our developer had introduced an innovative Django web application development approach and delivered all tasks given to him. This included building a URL shortener and developing a REST API for webinar management, as well as exporting participant data. The client was satisfied with our cooperation - the 5-star review they left for us on Clutch is proof of that.

  • From day one, the developer was able to adjust to the communication style preferred by the client.
  • The developer knew what answers he needed from the client to start working on the same day he joined the project.
  • Our expert quickly familiarized himself with existing code and introduced necessary improvements.
  • The client could feel secure thanks to a clear action plan, regular communication and an atmosphere of trust built by the iRonin.IT team.


Finding a dedicated developer on short notice is a difficult challenge when you’re not in the business of IT recruitment. Luckily, the HR teams of companies like iRonin.IT have hands-on experience in finding the right experts and ensuring a perfect-fit for any project - even within only one week. We are able to do so using our candidates’ database (e.g. for top Python, Ruby or mobile developers), as well as our headhunting and sourcing techniques.

If you need to kick off your project quickly, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can do for you what we’ve done for many satisfied clients.

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Monika Szutko

Partnerships Manager

Monika is an easy-going person, she loves working with people and believes that building trust-based relationships in business is a key to achieve win-win partnerships. She is always focused on a detailed analysis of business ideas and strive to drive innovation by focusing on creating something new and inspiring. 100% remote for more than 5 years and always on the way. In the free time addicted to Zouk, Enoturism, Portuguese language, culture and Fado.

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