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About this project

The platform offers a video streaming solution with advanced interfaces for live webinars and online courses. Various options added to the system allow organizers to share virtual meetings, real-time webinars and courses with participants in appropriate time slots.

Delivered solution

Our client needed an experienced senior Python developer to join their team at the most critical period for their business. Within a month, our dedicated expert introduced an innovative web application development approach to structure future efforts and also achieved all requested tasks.

Goals and results

Developing a URL shortener

We developed a tool for URL shortening – it was the first part of the project and its successful delivery helped us gain the client’s trust.

REST API for webinar management

One of the project’s challenges was the continued development of an existing REST API which offers full webinar management, including exports of data and sharing information.

Exporting all webinar participant data

We were also asked to add a feature for exporting the online webinar participants’ data. Such a function includes dealing with a large volume of data.

Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating


A complex e-learning platform built using efficient and versatile technologies

The platform leverages the flexibility of Python combined with the simplicity and efficiency of complementary technologies.

  • Python

  • Django

  • AWS

  • React

  • Docker

  • Flask

  • MongoDB

  • PostgreSQL

  • OpenAPI


Introducing innovative techniques

To significantly improve the flexibility of the programming language and future-proof the capabilities of the platform, iRonin.IT introduced the Dependency Injection (DI) technique in the client’s Python web application development process.

Delivering solutions within tight deadlines

Our cooperation with the client included working on tasks which were critical to the wider business strategy. iRonin.IT’s dedicated developer had to quickly familiarize himself with the project and its context within the business’ goals.

Successful Django web development

The platform is built using the Django framework, providing a chance to introduce known best practices to the development process, notably ones that improve the service’s scalability.

We hired iRonin.IT for further application development and features enhancements. Our cooperation was short but we needed an additional developer and expertise to join our team and support us in reaching our business goals. We needed someone to join our team urgently and the iRonin.IT business team was able to provide the right kind of developer within a week.

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