iRonin is a team of experts in numerous IT technologies. Our senior engineers are fluent in front-end and back-end web development technologies and techniques. In mobile application development, we’re well-versed in hybrid and native methodologies. We offer both state-of-the-art and mature technologies for clients to choose from, advising our clients on the best solutions and the right configuration of technologies, tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of each given project.

Choosing the right technology is vital for your IT project’s success. Every technology has its pros and cons, as well as specific features. At iRonin, we try to choose the best available technology to fit each project’s needs.

Before we decide on what technology to use, we consider:

What’s the best technological choice for your project? It depends on many factors, from your timeline, to team composition and business goals.

iRonin’s experts can help you pick the right tech stack that will allow you to achieve success on your terms.

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Haven’t found the technology you were looking for? Don’t worry, it’s not an easy choice. Contact us with your project requirements and any technological preferences, and we will find the right fit for you.

Our IT experts are fluent in more technologies than those listed above - these are just some of our favorites.

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Programming craftsmanship

Technologies aren’t the only weapon in your arsenal when you want to influence your technological success.

Your development team’s skills are equally important. You need experts in a given technology to develop your project to ensure its success and longevity. These IT professionals must follow important principles in their work to lead your project smoothly, and provide excellent agile software development.

Here are the principles of great programming craftsmanship that we believe in at iRonin and that make our IT solutions professional, effective and efficient.


Good practices

These are a set of rules each developer has to follow to provide the best IT solutions and services. They are repeatable processes or methodologies of work that allow us to succeed, meet the client’s requirements, and fulfill our objectives.

Some of our good practices cover writing tests, using design patterns, avoiding writing indecipherable code and following test-driven development. Our good practices help us to avoid errors, solve issues, and face challenges, developing agile web and mobile apps of the highest quality in a timely manner.


Clean code

Clean code is code that is easy to read, not only by its creator, but by anyone who’d like to make changes to it in the future. Clean code is elegant, straightforward, readable, simple, and documented.

Our programmers always aspire to write code as cleanly as possible, regardless of which project they are working on. Methods to achieve this include conducting regular code reviews, using common naming and structuring conventions, sticking to design patterns, adding comments to code, and avoiding “magic” (or hacks) in coding.


Quality assurance and thorough testing

We pay special attention to producing quality solutions for our clients, guaranteeing the highest quality in our services. To be sure we are producing quality results, we conduct both white-box testing (with access to the code), and black-box testing (without access to code).

We test throughout the various stages of the agile software development cycle: doing unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing and system testing. The system tests we conduct are very thorough and cover performance, load, stress, security, smoke, regression, exploratory, and usability testing.

What will work better for you, a state-of-the-art technology, or a mature one? With the right experience and true programming craftsmanship, the success of your next IT project is guaranteed, regardless of the exact stack you choose.

Trust our experts to aim for more with your IT venture.

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