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Outsource your project to our top IT specialists. Make use of their know-how and vast experience of working with Relational Databases to create safe, flexible and highly successful products.

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Make use of our experts’ knowledge of Relational Databases to empower your business, overcome challenges and deliver the apps you really need.

Why use Relational Databases in 2024

Data security

Concerned about the security of your data? Our top experts can use Relational databases to block access to certain data for different users inside the application.


Need a flexible solution? In Relational databases used by our experts there are no limits to the number of rows or columns in a table. Together with multiple data requirement capabilities, this means a lot of flexibility.

Easy extendability

Looking for a solution that is easy to modify? Our IT experts can add new data to a relational database without modifying existing records, which helps with scaling.

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Piotr Walkowski

Senior Software Developer @ iRonin.IT

Relational databases are built to work with even the most demanding applications, maintaining perfect speed and exceptional memory caches. PostgreSQL is perhaps the best known MySQL alternative. We have practical experience in implementing it in various projects.

Apps that can benefit from relational databases

Content Management System

Content management systems involve many shifting parts. They need to allow for changes and adjustments, which are easily supported by relational databases.

Accommodation booking platforms

Booking platforms benefit from relational databases’ flexibility and easy extendability, since they involve a lot of regularly changing data.

Auction websites

Online auction platforms need to provide top security for users, handle a lot of traffic and adjust to rapid changes. Relational databases allow all of it.

Payment systems

Thanks to the security offered by relational databases, companies offering payment solutions can be sure that they adequately protect their users’ data.

and many more!

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Meet our Relational Database experts

Our experts can help you leverage the benefits of relational databases. Other examples of use include telecommunication companies, online communication tools and many more.

Advantages of PostgreSQL

As an object-relational, enterprise class database management system, its primary features include secure data storage, scalability and extensibility.

Advantages of MySQL

As an open source relational database management system, MySQL offers a comprehensive set of features and tools for top security, scalability and stability.

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We offer flexible terms of cooperation adjusted to your needs and communication preferences. Our dedicated software development teams consist of highly experienced IT specialists such as UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers and project managers. We can also augment your team to plug any exisiting skills or knowledge gaps if required.

Piotr Walkowski

Senior Software Developer

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