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Why Ruby?


Ruby was first released in 1995, created by Yukihiro Matsumoto (a.k.a. Matz) of Japan. The composition of the language was influenced by others such as Perl and Lisp, and Ruby was designed to be human-centric, rather than machine-centric - hence developer passion for the language.

Who uses Ruby?

Ruby code runs through IT veins of many businesses and web applications…

Applications of Ruby

Ruby can be used on its own, as a powerful language to create all sorts of wonderful applications, automated processes and systems, such when we used Ruby to perform Real Estate Data Harvesting and Analysis for one of our clients. Ruby is often combined with other frameworks, technologies, and platforms.

Web development
Web development
  • Ruby on Rails - You’ll often see Ruby paired with this framework, for highly available and scalable web apps
  • Sinatra - A lightweight web framework, perfect for building fast small web apps or APIS
  • Hanami - Another lightweight framework which works well for projects with incremental design
  • dry-web - “Lightweight web application stack with pluggable routing front-ends”
  • Static site generatorsJekyll or Middleman
  • Chef - For DevOps automation management with strong version control
  • Puppet - A Chef alternative for DevOps configuration and automation management, which can work well for large businesses
  • Shell scripting - Ruby as an alternative to Bash, Perl, etc., useful for task/job automation or for handling data processing
Big data
Big Data & Background processing
  • Sidekiq - Uses Redis to do background processing jobs at speed, easy scaling, we’ve been using it for years to execute millions of tasks
  • Shoryuken - A super efficient Amazon SQS thread based message processor for Ruby
  • Hadoop - While written in Java, Hadoop Streaming can be used with Ruby for big data storage and processing

At iRonin, we love to use Ruby, and especially Ruby on Rails, due to the features, ease of use, community, and ongoing developments. As a software development house, we always consider which tools are the right fit when taking on new project, be it fin-tech, real-estate or HR platforms.

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Take a look at our Ruby's projects

iRonin - PromoJam


PromoJam is one of the world’s leading Social Media Marketing Software Platforms, providing businesses a full suite of tools to easily build, launch, track and promote social media promotions across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; both online and on the mobile phone. With the release of the its revolutionary self-service cloud based promotion platform, PromoJam’s Social Media Marketing Software now saves marketers time, money and effort and is used by many of the biggest brands and artists in the world to reach new and existing customers.


iRonin - Creatubbles


Creatubbles is an online platform for supporting and celebrating children's creativity and Creations.

To enrich User Experience they decided to rewrite their front-end into Ember.js powered Single Page Application; here was where we came into action.


 iRonin - Spree e-Commerce & Inventory management

Spree e-Commerce & Inventory management

Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution built with Ruby on Rails. We specialize in out-of-the-box and custom Spree solutions. We have experience with multiple payment providers like Stripe, WePay, Amazon Payments, PayPal, Recurly


  • Spree

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