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Development for a custom e-commerce system with advanced configurations.




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2018 - ongoing

About Boomf project

Boomf allows you to send unforgettable, personalized cards and gifts. The company’s bestseller is the Boomf Bomb - a photo card that is filled with confetti that explodes as it’s opened. An online customization app allows customers to make their gifts special.

Delivered solution

Our team worked on a custom e-commerce system, using Ruby on Rails. Thanks to modern technologies such as React.js and a flexible approach to the project, we also had the chance to work on rebuilding the front-end part of the shop.

Goals and results

Designing personalized gifts with an online tool

The online product customization tool allows users to use available stock photos or upload their own images. They can further express themselves by adding a personalised message.

Extending the administration panel

Boomf’s representatives needed new admin functions to successfully manage orders. It required vast development expertise, but we delivered it on time and budget.

Integration with DHL

The goal of the integration with DHL was to provide a cheaper and faster way of delivering customer orders. The new integration was delivered on a tight schedule.

Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating


An engaging e-commerce experience built on a reliable tech stack

With a custom built customization wizard, the tech stack enabled a seamless ecommerce experience.

  • Ruby

  • Rails

  • Rails Event Store

  • React

  • Node.js

  • Typescript

  • GraphQL

  • Sidekiq

  • Kubernetes

  • Stripe


Faster website loading (SPA)

One of our tasks was to rewrite the front-end of the application, using an entirely new website design approach and building a single-page application (SPA) with React.js.

Meeting important deadlines

Christmas and Valentine’s Day are major events when Boomf’s sales notably increase. Aside from our daily tasks, we had to adapt to changes made right before these big holidays.

Increased sales and user satisfaction

With a reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-use solution, Boomf’s sales continue to grow. To support easy payments, we integrated the platform with Stripe, PayPal and Google Pay.

We hired iRonin.IT's developer to assist with various development projects during a period of rapid international expansion. Our developer was totally dedicated to completing all projects, taking a flexible approach where required, he was a completely intrinsic part of our team during the time he worked with us, working seamlessly with our in-house team.

Sophie Dummer

CEO @ Boomf

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