Technologies we use

React React

Painless creation of interactive UIs

How using React can help your project

Fast load times
Fast load times and great performance

- even on mobile

Small footprint
Small footprint

- just 133kB as is (though Vue is 74.2kB less!)

Simple or complex UI
Simple or complex UI

- can be used for both

  • Can use inbuilt server-side rendering, instead of relying on the client - built with SEO in mind (which counts rendering speed which we mentioned earlier when compiling site rankings)
  • Highly scalable with clear component organization for an ever growing and complex web app
  • Great for displaying data that is constantly changing
  • Easy to do gradual migration from another codebase
  • Has a lot of 3rd party libraries available for typical things such as bootstrap integration, drag & drops, form validations, etc.
  • Is flexible, not forcing you to use each particular library for state management, routing, etc. as these are all opt-in
  • As it is a UI layer only, it can be easily added to existing codebases.

For us, web application development with React.js is great because it makes testing easy, and it is easy to read and maintain - it is highly efficient. For you, this means that development can progress smoothly and at a fast pace, and the project can easily grow over time, as necessary.

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