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Why use non-relational databases in 2023
Ideal solution for Big Data

Big data grows rapidly, changes quickly, and has a diversified structure. Relational databases are inefficient at storing, retrieving, and linking such data.

High speed operations

The right type of non-relational database can store and manage data with great flexibility, perform high speed operations, and scale with your business.

Quick data access

Non-relational databases allow you to access data quickly and simply. Rather than focusing on the reliability of transactions, they are built for speed.

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Non-relational databases, such as MongoDB and Redis, can significantly boost app performance (especially when dealing with large volumes of data to be accessed) and reduce latency. For this reason, NoSQL databases can be perfect for Big Data systems. Different data representation (e.g. graph database) gives access to unique techniques which outperforms relational databases.
Piotr Walkowski
Senior Software Developer @ iRonin.IT

Which apps benefit from non-relational databases

Big Data systems

Non-relational databases can improve data access performance, especially for large volumes of data. NoSQL databases can be perfect for Big Data.

Content search systems

A distributed content search and analytics engine like ElasticSearch provides the best full-text searching on the market while remaining very flexible.

Apps where maintenance cost is critical

Non-relational databases are low-cost solutions, ideal for companies looking for savings in this area. They can reduce costs and downtimes at the same time.

Social apps

Redis is, or has been used for NoSQL databases in commercial applications, including major social media platforms and classified advertisement sites.

and many more

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Woospeak is an ERP system that helps businesses run online lessons thanks to workflows, scheduling, reports and invoicing modules. We delivered multiple enhancements to the platform.
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Creditspring introduces a new, subscription-based personal finance model with fast on-demand loans. Our team worked on the product’s core features, UX, and explored time travel in the QA process.
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Meet our Non-Relational Database experts
Our experts have a deep understanding of the pros and cons of non-relational databases, and will be able to help you decide whether NoSQL is the right choice for you and your business.
Highly scalable databases
NoSQL databases can be scalable and easily take advantage of new nodes, while transparently expanding and taking advantage of low-cost commodity hardware.
Low-cost solutions
NoSQL databases are a low-cost data storage solution. Their cost per gigabyte storage can be much lower than the cost of using a relational database.

Software development process

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We are always eager to talk about your ideas and project needs. If you don't have any documentation and the idea is only in your head, we can organize a Discovery Workshop to define the technology aspects of your project.
Estimation and technological consultancy
Once we know what your project needs, our team can provide an estimate. We want to make sure that there is a clear understanding of the project on both sides, and we are always available to discuss it further.
Project kickoff and starting the development process
We offer flexible terms of cooperation adjusted to your needs. Our dedicated software development teams can consist of IT specialists such as UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, as well as project managers.
Piotr Walkowski
Piotr Walkowski
Senior Software Developer

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