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2018 at iRonin - reflecting on an exciting year

2019 is a new year full of opportunity and adventure. We thought a quick summary of the year 2018 at iRonin was in order, for posterity, and to think about what we might have done better and what to focus on this year.

1. New projects and their impact

During the last 12 months, we had exactly zero delays. That’s right, all of our tasks were completed on schedule. We always fight hard to keep our clients’ projects moving, shorten time-to-market and stay agile. We worked with all kinds of companies, many of them early stage startups, whom we’ve assisted in beginning their dialogue with investors. We support our clients’ mission, and we love to get involved in projects that bring positive change.

2. iRonin as an employer in 2018

As we get involved in new projects, our team grows (by 50% this year!) to match the challenge ahead. Next to our core Ruby on Rails team, we’ve opened several new positions by expanding our tech stack, including mobile and front-end devs, Elixir, Go and React Native experts, as well as Site Reliability Engineers and Quality Assurance experts.

3. Our contribution to and participation in the software development community

Our love for Ruby paid off, as Janko Marohnić, the Shrine Gem’s author, reviewed a series of our articles about using the Ruby Shrine Gem to store files on S3. You can find them on our blog for your reading pleasure:

We put a lot of effort into supporting local communities, like Rzeszów Ruby User Group, which popularize Ruby-related knowledge and make it easier for new devs to get into the industry. We’ve been the sponsor of their meetings throughout 2018.

Our team members regularly participate in this and similar events. Recently, Paweł, iRonin’s RoR Developer, gave advice to aspiring programmers on choosing their first language and appeared on a podcasts.

Monika, our HR Manager, spoke to Ruby devs new to the market and shared her experience on crafting an effective CV, building one’s brand on social media and Github, as well as on making a great impression during a job interview. She wanted to help aspiring junior developers who’ve finished various programming courses to find great positions and enjoy a good start to their careers.

We also celebrated Ruby’s 25th birthday! We love RoR, and we always want to learn more about the technologies we use, so we happily participated in Wroclove.rb (which we sponsor and support every year - it’s a truly great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about Ruby) and 4Developers Conference 2018. We’re always eager to be part of interesting events like that, so let us know if you have any suggestions!

4. Our Rzeszów office and its first anniversary

Can you tell we enjoy celebrating? On the 19th of July, we held a little birthday party for our office in Rzeszów. Look at these happy faces! The local Rzeszów team is constantly growing, and we’re planning to open new offices in Warsaw, Wrocław and the Tricity.

5. Day of the Programmer 2018

We know that iRonin’s developers are responsible for our success, so we made sure they felt appreciated on their day, September 14. Everyone received tasty lunch. It turns out the way to a developer’s heart is definitely through their stomach!

6. Making the world a better place

We believe in the social responsibility of companies, and we’re looking for ways to make life a little happier for people around the world. We supported the Polish charity organization Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy in their efforts to fund medical equipment for newborns, older patients and diabetics, as well as various pro-health programs, including auditory screening test for newborns. We did so through auctioning off a Onewheel ride with our CEO, while our HR Manager cycled for charity. We also sent out a traditional Polish croissant to each member of iRonin’s team, supporting the charity action RogaLOVE and their cause: building a oncological hospital focused on helping children in need of transplants.

7. Taking care of our team

It’s important to us to build a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at iRonin, and to be good friends outside of work, as well. We organized a cool company retreat, using our team members’ suggestions, and we had a blast!

It’s important to build a culture of trust and knowledge exchange. We are constantly sharing our experience, and both entrepreneurs and IT professionals consider it useful. We’ve put more attention to our blog last year, which resulted in 6 times the amount of readers compared to 2017. You’re one of them, so we’d like to thank you for this amazing journey and invite you to it’s next stage: the year of 2019!

If you want to enjoy a great community at work without giving up the ability to telecommute from your couch, iRonin might be the employer you’re looking for.

All of our team members can be fully remote or work from an office.

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