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Another fantastic RRUG meeting is behind us! We had the opportunity to sponsor the recent edition of the Rzeszów Ruby User Group meetup, which is a wonderful, welcoming community for all Ruby fans in the area. Join us next time for interesting presentations and the opportunity to spend time with like-minded developers.

One of Ruby’s biggest advantages is its robust community, spread all around the world. They create content and resources, review existing solutions and develop best practices, helping developers everywhere in their daily work. Among the Polish Ruby user groups, Rzeszów’s community stands out thanks to their enthusiasm and drive to share knowledge.

The topics

During the most recent edition, which was the first RRUG meeting after the summer break, participants got to enjoy two interesting presentations. The first one, titled “Transducers - The efficient processing of collections in Ruby”, shed light on special algorythmic transformations that help optimise operations in collections. The speaker, Maciek, first explained how a chain of function calls can be performed on a collection and what causes the inefficiency of such operations when the collection is very large. Next, he presented a solution for the problem, using transducers, and gave a simple example implementation in Ruby. The presentation ended with a showcase of classic collection operations completed with a transducer.

The second presentation, titled “SODD - Service-Object driven development”, was given with the goal of sharing the speakers’ perspective on how a good Service Object should be written. A Service Object (or SO) is a class in which business logic is usually contained. The presenters, Paweł and Mateusz, are part of iRonin’s team. They gathered the whole team’s experiences and thoughts on the subject, collected over many months of work and several refactoring iterations. The presentation focused on the fact that writing good SOs has a direct effect on the readability and maintainability of source code. An expected side effect was also mentioned: properly written SOs make unit testing of these classes easier and faster.

Future meetings

iRonin’s cooperation with RRUG began in 2016. Our developers gave talks in May, June, November and December of 2017, and two of them are members of the group’s board. We’ll continue to support RRUG and share news about upcoming meetings. You can also keep an eye out by following their Facebook page.

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