26th Final of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy - join us in helping charity!

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Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (WOŚP), the biggest charity foundation in Poland, holds on Sunday, Jan. 14 its 26th Final. The foundation has been dedicating resources to purchase medical equipment for newborns. This year we decided to support a just case and help gather money for WOŚP. Find out how you can join us.

There are many ways to help Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. You can donate money, you may put out objects or events for auction or take part in auction, you can run, cycle or do other sports activities, you can become a volunteer, you may share the news on social media, you might even hug a teddy bear… The most important thing is to care and join. The 26th Final of WOŚP takes place this Sunday, January 14.

The 26th Final of the biggest Polish charity event

WOŚP was founded 26 years ago by Jurek Owsiak. The foundation works the whole year round but once per year, on Sunday at the beginning of January, it hosts the Final. On that day, there are numerous events - gigs, sport events - organized in the whole country and thousands of volunteers gather money on Polish streets. It is the biggest charity event in Poland, that many Poles support and also celebrities of cinema, music and sport are engaged in it. Many auctions of valuable or interesting objects or events, such as dinner with famous person, are set up. WOŚP gathers money for purchase of medical equipment, mainly for newborns, though some Finals in the past gathered sources for elderly people as well. This year’s, the 26th Final happens under the headword: to level up chances of curing newborns. Our CEO, HR Manager and Ruby on Rails Developer and Team Leader decided to actively take part in the event, in different, but all unique and interesting ways. The rest of iRonins will be cheering up for them and of course contributing their money to WOŚP - everyone will throw coins to the foundation’s tins!

Jump on an Onewheel with our CEO!

Our CEO Cyprian has put out an auction a possibility to drive an Onewheel! Onewheel is a revolutionary mean of urban transportation, and also something that gives you fantastic experience! Our CEO claims to be addicted to it. The ride itself is not difficult - maybe apart from getting off the board. Riding on the Onewheel feels great, just like snowboarding but without snow or surfing without water. Cyprian auctions the ride on his Onewheel around the wooden pier in Sopot, Poland - just how long batteries last. Quick riding lesson from Cyprian is included in the price. You can put up your offer here: http://aukcje.wosp.org.pl/jazda-onewheel-po-sopockim-molo-i5911618. We highly recommend it - taking part in an auction can be a great experience giving you a dose of adrenaline (will someone top my offer or not?) and an opportunity to meet some new, fascinating people. Hurry up, if you want to ride on the Onewheel - the auction is gearing up with more and more people putting up they offer. You have time till Tuesday, January 16!

Join the fun! Auction the ride on the Onewheel with our CEO! Join the fun! Auction the ride on the Onewheel with our CEO!

Cycle for charity with our HR Manager!

Our HR Manager, Monika, also will get involved in the WOŚP 26th Final, but in a different way. On Sunday, in Poznan, she and her cycling team cycle for charity - for each 1 kilometer, WOŚP gets 2 PLN! Everyone can come and join them in the challenge. Don’t worry, you don’t need to cycle far and you won’t get cold or drenched in rain. Cycling is on stationary bikes and takes place under a heated tent. The instructors of cycling will be pumping the vibe, there will be great music played in background and generally it looks like it is going to be fun and very positive event! President of Poznan, as well as some other known faces declared already to join us - for instance musicians performing on stage during the Final and people from medicine world. Find out more on the initiative here: http://lawica-wosp.pl and join the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/397795363978944/

Play with kids in the area organized by our RoR Team Leader

Our Ruby on Rails Developer and Team Leader Paweł, together with his wife, are members of a local foundation of a town Kwidzyn - KwidzyMamki, that actively takes part in integrating local community to protect women’s health and their families. It promotes breastfeeding, carrying kids in scarfs, attachment parenting and more. On this year’s Final of WOŚP KwidzyMamki organizes a playing corner for kids in the Kwidzyn’s centre. There will be many creative things to do there, like painting, drawing and sculpting in salt dough, but also toys and teddy bears to play with. Paweł helps setting up this fun area, and also will be recording videos and taking pictures from the event. So if you are on Sunday with your kids in Kwidzyn, make sure to pay a visit to the KwidzyMamki’s playing corner. And don’t forget to throw a coin or two to WOŚP tin while you there!

IT and charity suits each other

Show how big hearts IT people have! Join Cyprian’s auction, if you are a resident of Poznan, come and cycle with Monika or play with your kids in Kwidzyn in the area set up by Paweł’s foundation. Helping charity is not only a just thing to do, but can also be fun!

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