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Vue - potent front-end framework with small footprint

Vue.js advantages

Simple yet powerful API with great documentation

Vue is approachable - it is fairly easy to learn and get started with. If one knows JavaScript, HTML and CSS, it’s just matter of reading a guide, API docs and launch its adventure with Vue.js straight away. The documentation is very well-written, coherent and clear. What’s more, Vue’s source code is very comprehensible. To start working with Vue.js you don’t need external libraries, additional plugins or jQuery. Of course you can use them - and there are plenty of plugins available - but it is not required. A simple Vue.js project can be run directly in a browser.

Small footprint

Vue has very small footprint - core library weighs only 30kb after gzipping. In comparison React’s core , is around 40kb gzipped and Angular’s is 51kb gzipped. While Ember is 123kb after gzipping, it’s the fullest SPA framework of the other ones.


Vue is fast and very performant with minimal optimization efforts. Benchmark tests shows that rendering 10,000 items takes in Vue.js system as fast as 23 ms, whereas in React 63 ms. Test was run 100 times and the slowest result also shows significant difference in speed - Vue recorded 343 ms, React 453 ms. Vue is also top performer on the mobile devices.

Other Vue.js advantages

Progressive JS Framework

What distinguish Vue.js from other frameworks is the fact that it was designed to be incrementally adoptable - hence it’s called progressive JS framework. Its core library is a view-layer only - this is a huge advantage of Vue.js over frameworks like Ember or Angular - it can be easily adapted into projects that use other JavaScript libraries. It has the ability to keep all component’s structure, logic and style in single file, thus it is convenient to create web components that can be easily re-used in multiple projects. Vue.js also works excellently in adding reactive web components to existing templates. With the aid of supporting libraries and additional tools, Vue.js is also capable of boosting even sophisticated Single Page Applications.

Taking the best from React and Angular

Big in China and elsewhere

Vue.js is a front-end framework built with intention of organizing and simplifying web front-end development and we believe it achieved this goal. If you are working on a new app or want to improve your existing application and feel like Vue.js might be useful - contact us.

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