A smart fintech platform development

This fintech platform offers smart solutions for dealing with the challenges of the modern real estate market.






Web app development, Product design, UX/UI design, RWD


2020 - 2022

About this project

Our customer is on a mission to help everyone become the owners of their dream homes. Its story began in Central London, when co-founders Vishal and Shivali Gotecha discovered from conversations with friends and colleagues how difficult it was to save up for a home.

Delivered solution

The platform was built in .NET Core (C#), React/Redux for the front-end, some use of Python (for the investment portfolio), and a couple of databases like SQL and MongoDB. Operations are hosted in several clouds including MS Azure, Netlify and mlabs, to operating keep costs low.

Goals and results

A JAMstack landing page

The features of the landing page (developed with JAMStack, hosted on the Prismic CMS) included registration for the waiting list and a savings calculator.

Building an MVP in Vue.js + .NET Core

The design of the web was done by an external agency; we were responsible for its implementation, as well as for development into an MVP and the enhancement of certain features.

Marketing Teaser Concept

The goal was to extend the web’s layout and functionality with a component for requesting reports, so that users can sign up to the newsletter and see suggested properties in real time.

Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating
Clutch review rating


A smart and reliable stack for web app development

Development of user-friendly and engaging UI and RWD, using cutting edge technologies.

  • .NET Core

  • Azure SQL Database

  • Azure

  • Vue.js

  • Vuex

  • TypeScript

  • Prismic

  • React.js

  • Next.js

  • Express.js


An effective landing page

One of our main tasks was to build an attractive landing page. This involved implementing newly conceived designs.

An MVP running smoothly in a test environment

iRonin’s team worked on a web-based MVP, optimised for mobile, that would demonstrate the core value of client’s proposition. This involved implementing an onboarding journey and an interactive dashboard, as well as building upon existing algorithms and calculation models powering the platform.

Creating a working marketing teaser concept

We prepared UX design mockups (desktop and mobile) for the new parts of the website. On the backend, we worked on autocomplete dropdown modifications and limiting the number of dream area houses returned by the API, among other features. Everything had to be integrated with frontend functionality separately.

iRonin makes genuine efforts to understand our business requirements and the ins and outs of our product.


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