Technologies we use

Ruby web frameworks

An infinite selection of possibilities

We currently mainly work with the following Ruby frameworks.


Rails is the most popular of the Ruby frameworks, a Model-View-Controller based framework used for developing web applications where we can build a Minimum Viable Product and then scale quickly from there. The bustling community means Rails is always growing as a framework. Read more about Ruby on Rails (that’s RoR for short) via our Ruby on Rails Web Applications Development page.


We use Grape in production to create REST-like APIs when need be. This is exactly what Grape is for - as a niche Ruby framework.


Sinatra is a little simpler to use and handy for smaller applications, as a more lightweight alternative to Rails. We can use it to build these small web applications in no time at all. Sinatra is more customizable and flexible in the way that we can set up different services and settings, unlike Rails which has a lot of predetermined behavior built in.

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