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Why choose Elixir in 2023
High performance

Elixir allows for more requests processed at a time and memory efficient template rendering, which means it’s great for high traffic applications.

Good scalability

Due to Elixir being compiled to Erlang's VM bytecode, it is highly scalable. Both horizontal and vertical scalability is achieved easily.

Zero downtime

Hot code swapping in Elixir allows upgrading application code without restarts, which is very important for apps where maximum uptime is required.

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Elixir emphases concurrency built on top of solid Erlang foundations. Elixir products are easy to maintain and perform well even under the highest load. The language allows for writing sophisticated software without the need of relying on 3rd party tools, focusing on business logic.
Bartosz Nowak
Elixir Developer @ iRonin.IT

What you can build with Elixir

Real-time communication tools

Elixir with its lightweight concurrency model and great performance is a great language for apps where you need to connect multiple clients in real time.

Complex applications

Elixir powers highly scalable web applications. Whether you need to build a simple app or a really complex one, don’t hesitate to choose this language.

Performing many operations at once

Elixir is a functional language that makes concurrency trivial, without drawbacks. Its concise code leads to shorter development and easier debugging.

Visual bookmarking tools

Beautiful, user-friendly social apps with very high traffic can also be built with Elixir. The language supports dynamic feeds and 3rd party integrations.

and many more

Check our case studies

Bitt case study
Bitt in an innovative mobile payments system which uses blockchain technology to empower local populations. They cooperate with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, working towards a better future.
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Boomf case study
Boomf is a platform that allows customers to send personalized gifts and cards, customizing them through a browser app. Our team extended the custom e-commerce system.
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Work with Elixir experts
At iRonin.IT, we understand the advantages of Elixir. If your business relies on scalability, smooth concurrent operations and real-time functionality, we’ll help you decide if Elixir is for you.
Background processing as a part of application
With Elixir’s safe concurrency model, we can create background jobs close to triggering code without any need of 3rd party, resource heavy tools.
Bug introspection and fixing without downtime
We can connect remotely to a running application to diagnose and fix bugs in real time without a restart, by recompiling pieces of code as needed.

Software development process

Contact us and tell us about your project
We are always eager to talk about your ideas and project needs. If you don't have any documentation and the idea is only in your head, we can organize a Discovery Workshop to define the technology aspects of your project.
Estimation and technological consultancy
Once we know what your project needs, our team can provide an estimate. We want to make sure that there is a clear understanding of the project on both sides, and we are always available to discuss it further.
Project kickoff and starting the development process
We offer flexible terms of cooperation adjusted to your needs. Our dedicated software development teams can consist of IT specialists such as UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, as well as project managers.
Paweł Dąbrowski
Paweł Dąbrowski
Chief Technology Officer

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