Sales & operations planning system

Adding new productivity-boosting features to an existing product and implementing a sales forecasting module.




Business Consulting (S&OP)


Web app development


2018 - 2019

About this project

The company specializes in Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). They offer a complete suite of business solutions, including assessment, consulting, education, and implementation.

Delivered solution

Our dedicated team has significantly improved and extended the first version of the system over a short time period. We worked on improving and maintaining the existing product, and had the opportunity to develop new, complex features and modules to enhance the client’s offering to their customers.

Goals and results

Developing a new forecasting module

We delivered sales trends forecasting with advanced algorithms and models, using extensive knowledge about statistics, including time series analysis and regression expertise.

Working on advanced functionalities

We enhanced the existing app and developed new functionalities, including frontend and backend changes (e.g. multi-level bookmarks with a simplified database structure).

General maintenance and bug fixes

The existing tool needed revamping and occasional customization (e.g. with IE frontend compatibility fixes). The core of the system was operational, but needed software optimization for enhancements.

Overall Clutch Quality rating
Overall Clutch Quality rating
Overall Clutch Quality rating


An engaging, tech stack based solution

The system combined the flexibility of Python with various complementary technologies.

  • React.js

  • Angular

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • Elastic Search

  • PostgreSQL

  • RSpec

  • AWS

  • Docker


Software architecture improvements

The first version of the system required a new technical approach and deep expertise in software development, not just experience with a particular programming language.

Delivering solutions on tight deadlines

Throughout the project, our team delivered various updates and solutions which met the client’s requirements. We successfully provided the required functionality and met all project deadlines.

Optimizing database structure

The initial database structure was considerably simplified by shifting from multiple schema models to one table. Migration scripts were provided to ensure existing data was transferred safely and securely.

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