Mobile app for tracking baby’s activities
Development of a mobile app that makes it easier to keep both babies and parents happy.
Happy Baby Plan
Mobile application development
2014 - 2015
About Happy Baby Plan project
A baby activity tracking mobile app, Happy Baby Plan helps parents keep track of their baby’s feeding time, sleep and diaper changes. Nursing mothers can record breastfeeding. This data empowers parents to be more organized and keep their babies happy.
Delivered solution
The app offers activity tracking, recent activity reports, a timeline, data exporting for easier access, and support for multiple baby records. Happy Baby Plan is an app built by parents, for parents, using current knowledge on baby development and parenting.

Goals and challenges

Helping parents keep their babies healthy
Modern parents need to deal with a deluge of distractions, which can prevent them from maintaining regular feeding times, or remembering to check the baby’s diaper often enough. To keep parents calm and babies happy, we built an app that solves this problem by storing relevant baby data.
Dealing with picky eaters
Not all babies comply with their parents’ ideas about appropriate feeding times. It can be difficult to manage the health and well-being of children who eat little and irregularly. That’s why Happy Baby Plan helps parents keep track of their babies’ appetites.
Building a clutter-free tool
The app had to be accessible and easy to use for busy, stressed out parents. Thanks to a tight design and careful UX decisions, Happy Baby Plan is free of clutter, offers all of the critical information up front, and can be picked up by new users in no time.


  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • iOS Logo
  • Android
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


Prioritizing user needs
By setting up detailed metrics (30+ Google Analytics events), we were able to weed out unnecessary features. This allowed us to truly understand how users wanted to interact with the app.
Keeping detailed records of meals
Shifting a baby over from breastfeeding can be nerve wracking, as parents worry their child might not be getting enough nutrition. Happy Baby Plan helps by keeping detailed records of babies’ meals.
An app for any mobile device
Happy Baby Plan is a cross-platform app built with Appcelerator Titanium. It can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Available in 12 languages, it’s a great choice for parents all over the world.
Michał Glinkowski

The app’s user-centric design makes it a fantastic tool for parents and caretakers of babies worldwide. Thanks to stored data, we know what features are crucial to making Happy Baby Plan even more user-friendly.

Michał Glinkowski, Delivery Team Leader @ Happy Baby Plan

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