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Nailing Customer Experience with Real Estate Chatbots (Use Cases in 2024)

Real estate agents have traditionally relied on face-to-face interactions and phone calls to connect with potential buyers or sellers. The customer inquiries,  property showings, and negotiations were all handled manually, often leading to delays and miscommunications.

If you are in the real estate business, you know the struggle to manage multiple clients and properties simultaneously.  Constantly juggling schedules, responding to inquiries,  and trying to show properties is a never-ending cycle.

However,  with AI-powered chatbots, the real estate industry has experienced a shift in how agents and clients interact. It’s fascinating how far chatbot technology has progressed. Five to ten years ago, chatbots were quite primitive, often relying on rule-based systems that compared certain patterns. This evolution is closely linked to advancements in understanding the Turing test - a concept explored in this thought-provoking article describing the historical context of this test

Today's chatbots, equipped with NLP, machine learning algorithms, and pre-programmed responses, represent a significant departure from the old approach. They operate on generative AI models like GPT, ensuring a higher interaction quality. The blurring of lines between machine and human communication is becoming increasingly apparent, almost to the point where the Turing test distinction is fading entirely.

This article will explore 6 use cases for real estate chatbots and their benefits for the industry. We'll also discuss if chatbots could eventually replace realtors.

6 Real Estate Chatbots Use Case Examples

To give you a better understanding, here are some real-life use cases of chatbots in the real estate industry: 

#1. Making property lists based on specific criteria

Chatbots gather and sort information from a user who needs to find a property. Users can specify their budget, preferred location, and other requirements, and the chatbot will generate a list of properties that match their criteria.

If no properties meet the criteria, chatbots can also suggest similar options or provide alerts when new properties become available. While chatbots don't make suggestions themselves (that's what 'recommendations' are for), they are well-integrated with recommender systems. This integration adds an extra layer of value to the conversation, providing not just the recommendation but also insightful commentary or additional information, making the overall experience truly remarkable.

For example, a user can specify that they are looking for a 3-bedroom house in a specific neighborhood with a budget of $500,000. The chatbot for real estate can then provide a property listing of all available options and suggest similar neighborhoods or properties within the specified budget. 

#2. Capturing leads among website visitors

Chatbots are excellent at lead generation from website visitors who may be interested in buying or selling a property. These simple chatbots engage with visitors, answer their questions, and collect their contact information for future follow-ups.

This saves real estate firms time and resources - they don't have to manually contact every website visitor. Chatbots can also pre-qualify leads by asking specific questions about their requirements and budget, ensuring the agent only follows up with serious potential clients.

#3. Providing help & instant responses

Chatbots are available 24/7, providing instant responses to real estate queries through live chat and offering customer support whenever needed. This is especially beneficial for busy real estate agents who may not always be able to respond in real-time. 

Potential clients may lose interest or move on to other options if they don't receive a prompt response. Real estate AI chatbots ensure that users feel attended to and can provide basic information or schedule appointments while the agent is unavailable. This typically results in a positive impact on customer satisfaction metrics and KPIs, as clients appreciate the responsiveness and efficiency of the service.

#4. Scheduling meetings for property viewings

Instead of coordinating schedules and trying to find a suitable time for both the agent and client, chatbots handle all scheduling for property viewings. Users can specify their preferred date and time, and the chatbot will check the agent's availability and confirm the appointment. 

If the agent is unavailable, chatbots for real estate agents can also suggest alternative times or reschedule appointments. The issue of miscommunication or double bookings is eliminated as the chatbot steps in and replaces the human, addressing the human factor by being available 24/7, 365/6 days a year, making the process more efficient for both parties.   

#5. Mortgage assistance

Real estate chatbots help users calculate their monthly mortgage payments based on the property price, interest rates, and other factors. They can also provide information on loan options and connect users with lenders for pre-approval. Today's chatbots are integrated with other systems (like the aforementioned API for calculations), which act as a facade for client communication, creating the illusion of a conversation between two people.

This feature is particularly helpful for first-time homebuyers or those unfamiliar with the mortgage process. Real estate chatbot simplifies the process by providing all necessary information in one place and connecting users with trusted lenders. 

#6. Taking a virtual tour

Chatbots assist in providing virtual tours of properties for potential buyers. These tours can be conducted through 360-degree videos, 3D models, or live video calls with an agent. Like a virtual open house, chatbots can guide users through the property, highlighting key features and answering any questions they may have.

This feature is particularly useful for remote buyers or those who cannot physically attend property showings. Chatbots in real estate can still get a feel for the property and make informed decisions without physically being there. 

Benefits of Best Chatbots for the Real Estate Industry

While the use cases mentioned above highlight chatbots' specific functionalities, these AI-powered tools provide several benefits for the real estate industry.

24/7 availability & instant responses

Chatbot solution providers offer round-the-clock support with AI-powered chatbots. Chatbots provide instant responses and help with basic inquiries when agents are unavailable. Chatbot solution providers also offer customizable options, allowing agents to specify when and how they want chatbots to interact with clients.

Real estate professionals can focus on other tasks while chatbots handle the initial interaction with potential clients. This ensures that no leads are missed and clients feel attended to at all times.


Chatbots have the ability to handle multiple conversations simultaneously without losing efficiency or quality. As the real estate industry grows, chatbots can easily scale up to handle more inquiries and support more properties.

This scalability is particularly beneficial during peak seasons when there is a high demand for buying and selling properties. Chatbots can handle multiple interactions, ensuring potential clients are not left waiting or ignored due to a heavy workload.

Cost savings 

The resources needed to operate and maintain chatbots are significantly lower than hiring and training additional staff. Chatbot virtual assistants can handle basic tasks, freeing agents' time to focus on higher-level activities requiring their expertise.

Chatbots also eliminate the need for call centers or receptionists, reducing operational costs for real estate businesses. Chatbots can help companies save money and improve their bottom line by automating tasks and reducing the workload.

Improved lead generation

Real estate market trends show that most buyers and sellers start their property search online. Chatbots can capture leads from website visitors, engage with quality leads, and schedule appointments for property viewings. This helps agents convert more leads into actual clients and increase their sales.

Automated lead generation also ensures that no potential client is overlooked due to a lack of follow-up or manual errors.

Chatbots can also keep track of user behavior and provide valuable insights to agents. This helps agents understand their target audience, improve their marketing strategies, and attract more potential clients.

Improved customer engagement

Chatbots improve overall customer engagement by being available 24/7, providing instant responses, and offering help whenever needed. You can use chatbots to communicate with clients via their preferred channels, including Facebook Messenger, email, or SMS.

You can also use real estate chatbots to continue the conversation with clients after they have completed a transaction. Chatbots can send personalized messages or updates on their properties, offer promotions or discounts, and provide customer support whenever needed.

Task automation

Companies can integrate the chatbot platform with their existing systems specifically for real estate, such as CRM or property management software. The best real estate chatbot platforms offer an API developers can use to build custom integrations. 

Chatbots save agents time and effort by automating tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering frequently asked questions, or capturing leads. The automated chatbot allows agents to focus on other important tasks requiring a personal touch and expertise. 

Data collection and analysis

Property businesses rely heavily on data to make informed decisions and provide the best services to clients. The best real estate chatbots make collecting and analyzing data from client interactions easy.

NLP-powered chatbots understand customer sentiments, track user behavior, and provide valuable insights based on this data. You can build chatbot templates to analyze and report on real estate databases such as property searches, common inquiries, and client preferences.

With this information, agents are better equipped to provide personalized services and improve customer satisfaction. 

Competitive advantage

AI chatbot technology is still relatively new in the real estate industry. By incorporating chatbots into your business, you can gain a competitive advantage over other companies that have not yet adopted this technology.

Chatbots provide an innovative and convenient way for users to interact with your business, improving their overall experience. Chatbot builder platforms provide customizable options that allow agents to create unique and personalized chatbot experiences for their clients.

Chatbots bring significant value to the real estate industry through 24/7 availability, task automation, improved customer engagement, and data analysis.

Could Chatbots Eventually Replace Realtors?

A myth has circulated that chatbots are here to replace real estate agents. However, this is far from the truth. Technology cannot replace the human element in real estate transactions.

Buying or selling a property is an emotional decision; clients need a real estate agent's expertise and personal touch to guide them through the process.

According to BMMagazine, a computer program cannot fully simulate how humans perceive, understand, and respond. While AI-powered chatbots can provide valuable insights and automate tasks, they cannot replace the human connection that realtors offer.

However, the power of chatbots in the real estate industry should not be underestimated. Chatbots can automate mundane tasks, freeing agents' time to focus on more important activities requiring their expertise. This can ultimately lead to increased efficiency and profitability for realtors.

Chatbots are programmed to handle repetitive tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering frequently asked questions, and capturing leads. This automation can save agents time and effort, allowing them to focus on building relationships with clients and closing deals.

Chatbots ensure a faster response time and 24/7 availability with instant responses, which can significantly improve customer engagement. Chatbots can also improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction by offering personalized messages and assistance. 

Create Your Real Estate Chatbot with iRonin.IT

If you want to incorporate chatbots into your real estate business, iRonin.IT offers customizable and efficient solutions. 

iRonin.IT can help you build chatbots that understand user sentiments, track behavior, and provide valuable insights to improve your business strategies.

Our team can also integrate chatbots with your existing systems and customize them to meet your business needs. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you create a unique and personalized chatbot experience for your clients.

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