Want to build notification feeds for users? Consider PubNub which, as it turns out, can help you achieve that.

We were looking for a PubNub-like solution that would allow building notification feeds for our app users. We considered getstream.io, which we used in one project in the past (built with Appcelerator Titanium). It turned out that getstream.io does not provide official clients for mobile platforms (neither Android nor iOS). It was really surprising as the mobile device is presented on their website on the first screen.
During our search for other alternatives, we noticed that we can use PubNub with their history feature to create a feed. We decided to stick with it as we already use PubNub in the app.

The author of today’s Developers’ Notes is Łukasz, iRonin’s Software Development Team Leader. The series will continue with more tidbits of programming knowledge, so stay tuned!