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Ember.evented subscriptions and notifications - Developers’ Notes

iRonin IT Team

Want a shortcut for subscriptions and notifying users about messages? We’ve found a way. Ember has built-in code for implementing the `pub-sub` pattern.

Today’s refactoring of a small part of our Ember app, responsible for connecting to PubNub to provide real-time updates, resulted in a discovery. We have a dedicated `pubnub` service to wrap up PubNub communication.

For subscribing and notifying all interested objects about new PubNub messages, we use the pub-sub pattern. For implementation, we relied on custom, simple functions inside the service:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 import Ember from 'ember'; const { Service } = Ember; export default Service.extend({ ... addListener(listener) { this.get('listeners').pushObject(listener); }, removeListener(listener) { this.get('listeners').removeObject(listener); } ... // Then to notify listeners this.get('listeners').forEach((listener) => { listener(response.message); }); });

It turns out that similar functionality is already built-in inside Ember thanks to the Ember.Evented module. They only have different names: `on` / `off` instead of `addListener` and `removeListener`. But the idea is the same.

Refactoring the `pubnub` service boiled down to removing `addListener`, `removeListener` and extending `Ember.Evented`:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 import Ember from 'ember'; const { Evented, Service } = Ember; export default Service.extend(Evented, { ... // Then to notify listeners this.trigger('receive', response.message); });

We also had to replace our listener code for subscribing to events (simple `search & replace` within the project):

1 2 3 4 5 6 // Before this.get('pubnub').addListener(callback); this.get('pubnub').removeListener(callback); // After this.get('pubnub').on('receive', callback); this.get('pubnub').off('receive', callback);

Thanks to that, we decreased the number of custom code inside the service and leveraged Ember’s power. `Ember.evented` also allows subscribers to be notified about a single event thanks to `one`, and also implements the `has` method to check whether there are any subscribers for a specific event.

We are also able to use the same implementation for notifications about different events, i.e. `disconnect`, `connect`, etc.

Today’s Developers’ Notes were taken straight from the journal of Łukasz, our Web Application Development Team Leader. Keep an eye out for more programming tips and tricks in the future!

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