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Why choose the Phoenix framework in 2023
Fast performer

Phoenix is a framework for Elixir, bringing functional programming to web development. Its code performs fast, uses few resources, and scales very well.

Popular for real-time solution

Phoenix has gained popularity with development companies in the USA as a solution for real time web services. It’s used by Discord, among others.

Zero downtime

Hot code swapping in Elixir allows for zero downtime during an application’s restart, which is very important for apps where maximum uptime is required.

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Phoenix is built to be the frontend for your business logic. It makes adding web routing and presentation layers to existing applications easy. Allows you to choose components you need rather than enforcing the entirety of the framework. It can also serve tens of thousands of concurrent connections effortlessly.
Bartosz Nowak
Elixir Developer @ iRonin.IT

What you can build with Phoenix

Online video platforms

With Phoenix’s fast performance and beautifully handled real-time services, you can build an online video platform for processing event streams.

Chat applications

With Phoenix’s channels mechanism, you can easily subscribe clients to topics, receive from and publish to them information in real time.

Social media apps

Phoenix is a good option for building social media apps, for example ones providing anonymity by allowing users to communicate in real-time.

News portals

With Phoenix, you can build fast API servers to help you create a platform with a newsfeed, where data should be provided in the fastest possible way.

and many more

Check our case studies

XbyX case study
XbyX founders educate women about menopause through valuable content presented in a custom web app. They also operate an online store. Our team built the customizable platform from scratch.
Read this case study
Boomf case study
Boomf is a platform that allows customers to send personalized gifts and cards, customizing them through a browser app. Our team extended the custom e-commerce system.
Read this case study
Work with Phoenix experts
iRonin.IT’s experts can help you build a scalable platform, an app with real time messaging, and many other projects. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll help you decide whether Phoenix is for you.
Websockets for real realtime updates
All the building blocks are there. Phoenix leverages Elixir to push updates in real time to thousands (and more) clients without being resource heavy.
Sharing data across cluster
With Phoenix Presence, we can share data across machines without a central source of truth, and no single point of failure. It’s a self healing system.

Software development process

Contact us and tell us about your project
We are always eager to talk about your ideas and project needs. If you don't have any documentation and the idea is only in your head, we can organize a Discovery Workshop to define the technology aspects of your project.
Estimation and technological consultancy
Once we know what your project needs, our team can provide an estimate. We want to make sure that there is a clear understanding of the project on both sides, and we are always available to discuss it further.
Project kickoff and starting the development process
We offer flexible terms of cooperation adjusted to your needs. Our dedicated software development teams can consist of IT specialists such as UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, as well as project managers.
Paweł Dąbrowski
Paweł Dąbrowski
Chief Technology Officer

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