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With 20% growth in Q1 2022 we are your best bet to boost your project

Bartłomiej Zaczkowski-Head of Business Development

If the last years (and months) have taught us one thing, it's that anything can happen. We are lucky to say we managed to navigate all these changes quite well – 2021 was our best year ever and in Q1 2022 we have already recorded a dynamic 20% growth.

Successful 2021

Last year we centered on growth – rapid yet sustainable. While we grew by 30 new team members, we managed to keep ourselves satisfied with our jobs, and took care of our well-being. The average tenure for software developers at iRonin.IT was 4 years, which set us well above the industry average. We started diversifying our tech stack and streamlined some of our processes. These activities got us prepared for the new year, and the following part reflects both their results and our commitment to continue this path.

Good start into 2022

We’re not slowing down in 2022. Our 10+ years of experience in remote development and focus on effective communication help us thrive as a company and fuel our client’s growth. After Q1 we can already say that in 2022:

1. First and foremost, we recorded a 20% growth.
2. Ten new amazing people joined our team. We’ve been fully remote from day one, and we continue growing our crew in this setup.
3. Our teams kicked off four new projects in four different industries, including blockchain, healthcare, B2B SaaS, and fashion.
4. Apart from focusing on our core technology, Ruby on Rails, we also substantially strengthened our teams and expertise in Java, Blockchain, and Node.js. At the same time, we kept our tech stack rich and diverse, continuing our ongoing Elixir and Go projects.
5. In that context, the big Java project that we have recently joined seems to be worth mentioning. We started building a large platform that connects medical professionals and their clients. Therefore, apart from enhancing our experience in new technology, it’s an interesting challenge in terms of UX/UI design and architecture.
6. Last but not least, we built a new team for one of our long-time partners and increased the scope of our collaboration. Such deep-rooted relationships with both clients and employees lie at the core of our company values.

How to build robust software products in 2022?

Software development is an ever-evolving industry. 2021’s Gartner survey revealed that IT executives see the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies. More and more often, team augmentation is the most effective solution to keep up with the dynamic business landscape and deliver solid software products on time. Team augmentation provides easy access to the know-how and years of commercial experience of IT specialists.

A successful journey from an idea to a final product starts with Product Discovery workshops. So when you’re about to begin a new project, a structured 1-2-day event with the whole product team – engineers, as well as designers, consultants, and a project manager, will help you prepare a structured roadmap with precise requirements, and set a common goal for the whole team. In short, such workshops help business owners to set up their product idea for success.

Building powerful software solutions is an iterative, never-ending process. Once you launch your product, you’re already thinking about new features and adjustments that will improve the usability or the product-market fit. Changing the development team in an ongoing project is quite a challenge.

That being said, the alternative cost of staying in an inefficient delivery setup is usually higher than onboarding new experts. Also, it’s not that uncommon for tech teams in software houses to hand over app maintenance to another team or to take over an existing product’s maintenance from another company. If you feel like your product is stuck with a suboptimal development team, you can start by reading about the technological aspect of an app maintenance handover, step one of a complex yet thought-through process.

Looking for a skilled and effective software team in 2022?

2022 has been really exciting so far and we can’t wait to see what is yet to come! We can help you in developing a new product from scratch, as well as when you’re looking for a new software team for your ongoing project. Just drop us a line!

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