Propertyware Maintenance

industry: Real Estate

country: United States

timeline: ongoing since October 2014


In 2014, we started working on Propertyware Maintenance, an integrated SaaS (software as a service) platform for managing residential properties. The client is a leading global provider of software and data analytics for the real estate industry. The platform’s goal is twofold: to improve operating performance and to increase capital returns.

To achieve this, the platform had to be built for managing and tracking the entire maintenance cycle. This includes servicing the properties, inspections, lease changes, and everything else that makes the property market a complex ecosystem. Real-time visibility into order tracking, vendor management, technician dispatch, job bids, time spent, materials calculation, etc., allows the client to effectively manage their properties, avoid delays and keep all relevant data in one place. The platform can be divided into the following modules: property management, marketing, accounting, property maintenance, contact centers and vacation rental management. To achieve better data availability, the system is deployed in the cloud.

Propertyware Maintenance is flexible, allowing clients to adjust their subscription plans to include features and services they need. It was built for performance and speed, making it a user-friendly, scalable tool.

iRonin’s team synchronizes the platform with other applications owned and developed by the client, many of them mobile. Since we began working on the project, we upgraded and optimized the system. We created an action plan to reduce maintenance costs while improving performance. We migrated the app from Heroku to Amazon Web Service, fixed technical issues and implemented new features. Currently, we provide infrastructure maintenance and conduct security audits.

Since the beginning of the project until the end of 2017, we changed 21252 files, made 502545 insertions and deleted 219133 lines.


saved monthly on infrastructure costsof unused storage space removedas powerful at 50% of the cost

saved monthly on infrastructure costs

saved monthly on infrastructure costsof unused storage space removedas powerful at 50% of the cost

of unused storage space removed

saved monthly on infrastructure costsof unused storage space removedas powerful at 50% of the cost

as powerful at 50% of the cost

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iRonin provided


Analysis and action plan

We had to work with an existing dedicated real-estate property maintenance app. We knew this would mean real-time data synchronization, but the client’s experience with and knowledge of the app was an advantage. The platform was growing rapidly and was in need of scalability and performance improvements. While assessing the current state of the app and analyzing the architecture, we discovered that the Ruby on Rails version used to build most of the platform was outdated. The code structure, a mix of backend and frontend, made it difficult to upgrade key libraries. Taking all of this into account, we prepared an action plan: to refactor and upgrade the architecture to mitigate technical debt. We knew we would also need to move the app from Heroku to AWS.

Migration and security optimization

To migrate the app from Heroku to Amazon Web Services, we first set up a testing environment there. Once we were happy with the AWS environment, we updated the DNS and removed the Heroku instances. Our developers prepared cookbooks and deployment scripts in order to automate future releases. To provide better security, code quality and generate performance gains, we upgraded libraries and moved the app to the newer Rails 4 version. Next, we turned our attention to developing new features that would make the app more user-friendly. This included improvements to initial sync and upload speed for the mobile and desktop applications.

Performance improvements

The platform was slow when too many users accessed it at a time. It needed additional maintenance to keep up with traffic. Meanwhile, iRonin’s developers created and configured web and background worker layers in AWS for the production and staging environments, as well as a new API external to the Client's app. Removing unused libraries and API endpoints made performance smoother and faster. We worked on the speed of the mobile API sync and the upload rate from the mobile and desktop applications. Finally, we improved test coverage and dealt with database bottlenecks. As a result, the app works faster and user experience is significantly better.



Lead Ruby on Rails Developer

We faced a significant challenge - to upgrade an app that had an old framework and libraries, infrastructure bottlenecks and a slow workflow. First we had to make sure that every new feature and fix would involve tests covering all scenarios. Next, we migrated the platform from Heroku to AWS to have a faster and cheaper infrastructure. At the end of the process, the app has twice the power for less than 50% of the original cost.

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